In Someone Else's Shoes

"The lessons Joseph Assaf AM has learned and wants to impart to his readers are not addressed to particular tribes or groups or nationalities but to all of us as humans, learning to live effectively and rewardingly with each other. Poking away, as he puts it, at the flames of hope for a better world."

Allan Gyngell, Executive Director Lowy Institute for International Policy, Sydney

Joseph Assaf AM uttered his first words in Arabic, undertook his schooling in French, migrated to an English speaking country, married an Italian, and became involved in the business of communicating to a multicultural audience.

In 1967, at the age of 22, with no English, no money and no family, Joseph migrated to Australia from Lebanon in someone else’s shoes. Upon arrival, he worked in a factory at night and studied during the day.

In 1977, Joseph pioneered multicultural communication.

In 1988, Joseph founded the Ethnic Business Awards, which have continued to celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism of Australia, through the migrants and their businesses.

Joseph has worked in the field of market research, marketing, advertising and promotion for many State and Federal Government Departments on many and diverse issues. He has also acted in the same capacity advising many blue chip companies in Australia and Overseas. He has acted as an advisor to several companies on exporting and marketing to overseas countries.

Joseph has served as a member of many councils, boards and committees, including:

  • The National Multicultural Advisory Council to the Prime Minister
  • The Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities
  • The Australian Constitutional Centenary Foundation
  • Advisor to many public and private, national and international, institutions on multicultural communication.

In June 2013, Prime Minister Gillard announced the appointment of Joseph to the Civil Society 20 group – the C20 – as part of our wider engagement process for the G20 meeting in Australia in 2014.nikeairmaxfreerunnike air maxcheap nike air max

Joseph’s life experience has led him to write In Someone Else’s Shoes, and has brought the idea of communicating to a multicultural audience into a reality for many corporate, political and community leaders, and now to the broader community.